Special Events

2017 International Audiology Conference – Exhibition special events

Built upon the foundation of past conference and exhibitions, the 2017 Beijing international audiology conference takes the exhibition experience further with a slew of exciting special events from partners and exhibitors. Attendees can experience rich and varied activities that show off recent developments, advancements in technologies, interactive demonstrations and much more.

The summary of the activities schedule can be found below:

Time Company Activity Activity recap and summary
May 27 10:00—11:00 Oticon(上海)听力技术有限公司 Oticon—Smart Interactive World From the agricultural revolution to the industrial age, and now the information age, new technologies have always pushed the  bounds of human innovation and capabilities. Oticon’s OPN series of products are on the forefront of innovation, built upon smart connected technologies to further improve user experience with new customizable features for greater personalisation.
May 27 12:30—13:30 苏州市百助听力科技有限公司
Video otoscope for hearing aid fitting & ear canal care solutions Live demonstration of video otoscope usage in the fitting process of hearing aids; live interactive experience of ear canal care and hearing aid care
May 27 15:00—16:00 Widex 唯听助听器(上海)有限公司 应对耳鸣唯听独有一套——唯听禅音介绍 Widex Zen Therapy demonstration — 5 steps to tinnitus relief

Widex Zen Therapy (WZT) began global clinical trials in 2011, offering  counseling inquiries,  audio treatments (Zen sounds, hearing aids)  and behavioral cognitive therapy. WZT has enjoyed popular support and recognition from the majority of patients for increasing hearing sense, improved concentration and improvements in similar side-affects of hearing related issues.

May 28 10:00—11:00 索诺瓦听力技术(上海)有限公司 Phonak – Power to change lives
Unitron- Leader in customer experience
The Phonak Naída V series of hearing aids offers a plethora of advanced features and capabilities that can satisfy those with severe hearing loss. Advanced digital audio processing improves speech clarity, recognition and sound quality.

The Unitron Stride platform is designed and built around our core goal to strive for the best user experience possible. Unitron stride hearing aids are able to provide greater comfort, clearer sound and outstanding aesthetics.

May 28 11:50—12:50 瑞声达听力设备贸易(上海)有限公司 ReSound – ReSound Smart app

Control and personalisation of your hearing experience

Customer satisfaction of hearing aids can be gauged by product return rates, word of mouth credibility and product ownership. ReSound’s ReSound Smart app will be showcased in a live demonstration and discussion in increasing customer satisfaction through individual customization and tuning by professional audiologist Mr.Xu, from Taiwan.
May 28 13:00—14:00 IMHearing Corporation IMH魅力 CK 系列——验配师的新选择 Achieving better hearing does not necessarily require a complex fitting process.

听得更好并不一定需要复杂的验配流程。IMH 魅力 CK 系列采用先进的微信息预处理技术,将验配内容预先装载在数字处理器上,验配师无需学习新的软件,无需使用各种编程线,在任意时间和地点都可以为客户进行验配。

欢迎参加 2017 北京国际听力学大会,亲临“新技术·新产品·新服务”听力行业展,参与体验专享区活动。