Individual Registration

Every representative will receive an official certification,  after ending of the conference.

Online Registration : [junkie-button url=”” style=”blue” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_blank”] Online Registration[/junkie-button]

E-mail Registration :

Please download and fill in “Registration Receipt for 2017 Beijing International Conference of Audiology“, then send it to us :

Tel: (8610) 8461 1210


Registration Fees : 500 RMB/person, 300 RMB/student.

NOTE : The fee contains lunch in the conference, not transportation and accommodation.

Payment Methods : Bank Remittance

Please remit registration fees to the ACCOUNT :

Account Name : Beijing Society of Audiology

Bank Account : Bank of Beijing, Huixin Branch

Account Number : 0109 0376 0001 2011 1001 792

NOTE : Please write down your name and the words “Registration Fees for 2017 Beijing International Conference of Audiology” clearly while do remittance.

Tips :

1. Start registering when the notice has been announced officially. Registration deadline for individual participant is May 20th, 2017(Beijing Time).

2. Making out invoice is based on remittance date. You will get it in the conference.

Confirm Registration

1. Advanced registration is accepted, on-site registration is NOT.

2. Please make sure that “Participant Receipt” and remittance are done by May 20th, 2017(Beijing Time).

3. We will send you an e-mail to confirm registration within 5 work-days while we receive “Participant Receipt” and registration fees. If you don’t get it, please contact us immediately.

4. If you registered online, we will send you a confirmation by e-mail or message within 3 work-days.

NOTE : Once registered, fee would not be returned. So, if you can’t attend conference on account of individual reason, you have the right to transfer it to another and had better inform us to update the information.

Exhibitors Registration

Online Registration : [junkie-button url=”” style=”blue” size=”medium” type=”round” target=”_blank”] Online Registration[/junkie-button]

E-mail Registration : Please download and fill in the attachment “Receipt for Hearing Industry Exhibition“, then send it to us.

Tel: (8610) 8461 1210


Booth Type

Participation Type Exhibition Area Price Exhibition Period
Sponsor Area T 100,000 RMB (a special booth included) 2 days
Special Booth Area A 60,000 RMB 2 days
Standard Booth Area B 16,000 RMB 2 days

1. Standard Booth(Area B): the booth is built with same material and size as the ones specified by conference committee.

2. Special Booth(Area T, Area A): the booth is customized built as exhibitor’s on the spot reserved for exhibitors.

Once an exhibitor reserves an exhibition area, deposit is required to be paid within the stipulated time frame : each of Special Booth is 10,000 RMB; each of Standard Booth is 6,000 RMB.

Deposit can be used as booth fee. If failed to pay on time, the reserved booth area cannot be guaranteed. The exhibitor is responsible for any change or cancellation of the booth due to its failture to pay, and the deposit will not be refunded.


Booths 3D Image :



Booth Introduction

1. Standard Booth

Area: 3m*3m, height is 2.5 meters.

Quantity: 29

Booth Contractor : assigned by the Conference Affairs Team 

Provided Materials: a piece of carpet, a table for negotiation, two chairs, booth fascia board, a 220 volts electric outlet, a trash can

2. Special Booth

Area: 6m*6m, height is 3.5 meters.

Quantity: 12

Booth Contractor : assigned by the Conference Affairs Team

Design Drawings for Special Booth :

No.1 : Exhibitor provides design drawings, working drawings, design sketch.

Exhibitor provides design drawings and working drawings. Then, contractor makes materials, builds the booth. Exhibitor pays for these expense.

No.2 : Contractor provides a series of design drawings for exhibitor to choose.

 1 ) Contractor provides more than ten kinds of design sketches for exhibitor to choose. Once it is confirmed, contractor would begin to make materials and construct special booth. Exhibitor pays for these.

 2 ) Exhibitor has a chance to  put forward detailed requirements about colors, placement and small-scale modeling. Then, contractor redesigns sketches and builds it.

Exhibition Service

No. Exhibition Service Quantity Times
Participation Rights
1 Card of Free participation (Breakfast included) Special Booth : 6

Standard Booth : 3

2 days
Advertising Materials
1 Propagating introduction and new products of appointed exhibitor before May  26th, 2017 Once Over 2,200 followers
2 Printing manufacturers introduction in exhibition handbook One page Over 700 books