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A Notification for  Papers about 2017 Beijing International Conference of Audiology

Beijing Society of Audiology has held successfully Beijing International Conference of Audiology twice. For 2017, it is themed with “Audiology”, will be held among May 26th~28th in Beijing. In order to enrich the academic content of the conference, we will fully display and share the latest achievements in the works, research, practice and innovation. Welcome to contribute excellent papers.

Conference Topics

1. Hearing Screening for Neonatal and Children (contain Genetic Testing for Hearing Loss)

2. Audiology Testing Technology

3. Comprehensive Assessment and Diagnosis of Hearing

4. Clinical Disease and Intervention for Hearing

5. Tinnitus and Treatment

6. Hearing Aid Fitting

7. Artificial Auditory Implant (BAHA, Bone Conduction, Vibrant Sound-Bridge, Cochlear, etc)

8. Usefulness and Management for Assisting Listening Devices

9. Rehabilitation, Assessment for Hearing and Speech 

10. Research for Audiology Foundation

11. Relational Fields of Audiology (Acoustics, Phonetics, Psychology, Neurophysiology, etc)

12. Audiology Education and Occupation Development

13. Hearing Healthcare and Public Education

14. Other Audiology Issues


1. Essays were not used by other professional related maganizes and journals or shared in other academic conferences.

2. Submission Form : about 500~1000 words Chinese Summary with English Title ordered by ” Purpose, Research Methodology, Findings with data, Conclusions “

3. Please write down information about author to contact you conveniently.

Welcome to the professionals submit essays enthusiastically. You have access to get more information in Conference Website (

Deadline : March 31st, 2017 (Beijing Time)

Submission Email :

Contact : Mrs. Fan Chunying       Tel : (8610) 8461 1210