Conference Details

Conference Details

2017 International Audiology Conference supporters and organizers

Time & Location

Beijing Society of Audiology will host the 2017 and third Beijing International Conference of  Audiology during May 26th~28th, 2017 at the Beijing International Convention Center.

Conference Committee

President : Daofeng Ni

Committees : Min Wan, Shufeng Wang, Sha Liu, Yuhe Liu, Xibin Sun, Jianyi Zhang, Zhensheng Chen, Xueqing Chen, Xin Jin, Xin Xi

Secretary : Xin Jin

Executive Secretary : Chunying Fan

Academic Committee

The Standing Committees : Shufeng Wang, Sha Liu, Yuhe Liu, Xibin Sun, Jianyi Zhang, Zhensheng Chen, Xueqing Chen, Xin Jin, Xin Xi

Committees :

Xingkuan Bu,   Guoyu Ding,   Ning Yu,   Limei Yu,   Ningyu Wang,   Shufeng Wang,   Shuo Wang,

Wei Lu,   Lan Tian,   Mo Long,   Sha Liu,   Bo Liu,   Yuhe Liu,   Shi’ang Xu,    Haihong Liu,   Pinxiang Xi,

Xibin Sun,   Hua Zhang,   Jie Zhang,   Jianyi Zhang,   Jianhua Qiu,   Xinyi Yang,   Zhensheng Chen,

Xueqing Chen,   Shilin Liu,   Xiaoming Liu,   Yongxin Li,   Haibo Shi,   Zhaoying Zhang,   Xin Jin,

Tao Zhou,   Peng Lin,   Hainan Lang,   Na Zhou,   Huifang Zhou,   Fei Zhao,   Xin Xi,   Jirong Duan,

Liqun Gao,   Ying Guo,   Yan Xia,   Jinyu Qian,   Daofeng Ni,   Lingyan Mo,   Li Yin,   Weihong Cao,

Yongmao Cao,   Qingping Huang,   Shusheng Gong,   Zhiwu Huang,   Lihui Huang,   Wei Liang,

Chunting Cao,   Yingying Shang,   Rui Han,   Tao Jiang,   Fei Ji,   Pu Dai,   Haihong Dai


  • Beijing Association for Science and Technology
  • Beijing Society of Audiology


  • ENT Science College of Capital Medical University
  • Chinese Journal of Otorhinolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery
  • China Assistive Devices and Technology Centre for Persons with Disabilities
  • Beijing Association for Science and Technology
  • Hearing and Speech Science Department, Xinhua College of Sun Yat-sen University
  • Chinese Scientific Journal of Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation
  • Journal of Audiology and Speech Pathology
  • Hearing and Speech Rehabilitation Technology College of Beijing Unicon University
  • College of Medical Technology, Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
  • Speech Rehabilitation College of Beijing Language and Culture University

Conference Theme

The theme of this year’s conference is ‘New Technology, New Products, New Services”, aimed at setting up an international conversation platform for promoting the development and prosperity of audiology, the standardization of hearing industry and healthy growth in China.

There are fourteen key topics of the 2017 Beijing International Conference of Audiology:

  • China’s hearing aid technology opportunities and challenges
  • the future direction of hearing technology development
  • neonatal and child hearing screening and diagnosis
  • Internet-based adult hearing screening
  • implantable artificial hearing device classification
  • cochlear and hearing aids to adapt Cardiac cochlear implantation
  • the cause of deafness and its effects on hearing aid
  • hearing aid new technology, short pure tone ABR
  • cerebral cortical auditory evoked potentials
  • exploratory microphone test techniques, etc.
  • in the elderly and children with hearing impairment The application of hearing aid fitting (especially infants and young children)
  • the adaptation period of the hearing aid fitting and the debugging cycle
  • the sound source location
  • the assessment of the threshold of the infant
  • the design of the sound insulation chamber
  • the application of the plug-in headset
  • the hearing device Calibration
  • audiometry in the masking experience
  • the common error analysis in audiomentry
  • interpretation of clinical audiology

Conference Schedules

Date&Time Content Speaker
a.m, May 27|Main Venue
host:Shufeng Wang
08:30—08:40 opening ceremony Shufeng Wang / Min Wan
host: Daofeng Ni & Xingkuan Bu

China’s hearing aid technology opportunities and challenges

Zhensheng Chen
09:20—10:00 Opportunities and Challenges for
Hearing Professionals
Christopher Schweitzer(U.S.A)
10:00—10:30 tea break
host:Xibin Sun & Liqun Gao

cochlear and hearing aids to adapt Cardiac cochlear implantation

Fan’gang Zeng (U.S.A)
11:05—11:45 The use of cortical auditory evoked potentials
(CAEPs) to manage infants diagnosed with
hearing loss after newborn hearing screening
Kirsty Gardner-Berry(Australia)
11:50—12:20 Cognitive benefits of a new hearing
aid technology
Elaine Hoi Ning Ng(Denmark)
p.m, May 27|1st sub-venue
host:Ying Kong & Bo Du
13:30—13:50 beginning with standard to develop audiology Zhiwu Huang

the common error analysis in audiometry

Xin Xi
14:10—14:30 Application of cortical auditory evoked potentials in the assessment of hearing aid for hearing impaired children Xueqing Chen
14:30—14:50 Effects of Age on Speech Information in Auditory System Shuo Wang
14:50—15:10 Clinical audiology——Interpretate check Na Zhou
15:10—15:40 tea break
host:Qingping Huang & Xin Xi
15:40—16:00 Unilateral Deafness and Unilateral Auditory Deprivation and Its Influence on Sound Source Location Jinfeng Liu
16:00—16:20 Study on Mental Health of Children Cochlear Implantation and Its Influencing Factors Ying Kong
16:20—16:40 Internet-based adult hearing screening Guoping Lee(U.K.)
17:00—17:20 Study on Broadband RECD Value of Preschool Children at Different Age Fei Xu
p.m. May 27|2nd sub-venue
host:Jianyi Zhang & Ning Yu
13:30—13:50 The etiology of deafness and the effect on hearing aid Yuhe Liu
13:50—14:10 Evaluation and significance of hearing loss in Meniere ‘s disease Bo Liu
14:10—14:30 Classification of implantable artificial hearing devices Daofeng Ni
14:30—14:50 Application of True Ear Test in Children ‘s Hearing Aid Lan Tian(Canada)
14:50—15:10 The application of short pure tone ABR and fitting in infant hearing aids Yingying Shang
15:10—15:40 tea break
host:Yingying Shang & Yuhe Liu
15:40—16:00 Hearing aid fitting and effect evaluation of hearing impaired children with little age —— Application of RECE Mean Value of 0 ~3 – year – old Children in China Liyan Wang
16:00—16:20 Elderly hearing impairment and cochlear implantation Fei Ji
16:20—16:40 A Study on the Location Ability of Binaural Double-mode Wearing Children with Hearing Impairment in 4-7 Years Old Hang Zhao
16:40—17:00 Verification of modern hearing aid technology in real ear test Jirong Duan
17:00—17:20 Clinical application of hearing aid objective verification Xinyi Yang(Taiwan)
a.m, May 28|Main Venue
host:Sha Liu & Wei Lu
08:30—09:00 return personalization setting right to end-user John A. Nelson(U.S.A.)/

Wesley Hsu(Taiwan)

09:00—09:30 The Concept and Practice of “Debugging Period and Adaptation Cycle” of Hearing Aid Jianyi Zhang
09:30—10:00 Discussion on the Demand, Current Situation and Development Direction of Hearing Aid Service Xingkuan Bu
10:00—10:30 tea break
host:Xueqing Chen & Yongmao Cao
10:30—11:10 Universal ne wborn hearing screening (UNHS)
and the advantages of using automated auditory
brainstem response (AABR®) technology
Kirsty Gardner-Berry(Australia)
11:10—11:40 Long – term Assessment of Children with Hearing Impairment Wei Zhang ( Australia)
11:40—12:10 Comprehensive assessment of children ‘s hearing Lihui Huang
p.m, May 28|Main venue host
13:30—15:00 roundtable forum Shufeng Wang
15:00—16:30 roundtable forum Xin Xi
16:30 Closing Ceremony Xin Jin