Exhibition Profile

The “New Technology, New Products, New Services”  themed exhibition will be held concurrently with the 2017 Beijing International Conference of Audiology. Many professional audiologists, otologists, audiology technologist, hearing equipment manufacturers and consultants, store managers and etc. will be present. Over the past few years, many outstanding manufacturers in the hearing industry have been attracted to our conference and exhibition, displaying their latest products and innovations on the show floor. 


【Time】2017 May 26 11:00 ~ 2017 May 28 18:00

【Location】Main exhibition hall, 1F,Beijing International Convention Center, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Exhibition Highlights

The latest Beijing International Conference of Audiology has seen the incorporation of the latest trending and emerging technologies in the hearing industry, such as the first hearing aid, Oticon Opn which is able to connect with the Internet with 360soundscape gives people the confidence to thrive in everyday situations.

In addition, the exhibition includes an exclusive Area for hearing industry enterprises and institutions to further demonstrate new technologies, new products and new services; as well as to reach out to new potential partners and professionals at the conference. In 2017, Oticon, Sonova, Resound, Widex, IMHear and SoundLink displays their new products and interacted with the audience, promoting awareness in audiology and fostering a stronger audiology industry.